01. Be careful; I have to [sweep] the kitchen floor because I just broke a wine glass in there.
02. The New York Yankees [swept] the 2000 World Series of baseball 4 games to 1.
03. Garbage littering the streets of the city is cleaned up early every morning by a fleet of street [sweepers].
04. A tourist was [swept] into the ocean by a huge wave at Long Beach.
05. The wind [swept] the leaves into a pile against the wall.
06. Somebody needs to [sweep] the hall; it's full of sand from the beach.
07. She [swept] her long black hair off her face in a single, graceful motion.
08. Claude Bristol observed that it's the constant and determined effort that breaks down all resistance, [sweeps] away all obstacles.
09. He has a part-time job [sweeping] up hair at a barber shop.
10. It took the janitor over an hour to [sweep] up the gymnasium after the school fair.
11. Every spring, a wave of flowers [sweeps] across Japan, from Okinawa to the very tip of distant Hokkaido.
12. In December 1978, a large Vietnamese army [swept] into Cambodia, and overthrew the regime of Pol Pot.
13. The paintings of Eugène Delacroix are characterized by broad [sweeps] of color and lively patterns.
14. The lack of mountains in Denmark means that winds blowing in from the sea can quickly [sweep] across the entire country.
15. In May 1968, protests and riots by students and workers in Paris led to [sweeping] social and political reforms in France.
16. In 1624, terrible fires [swept] through Oslo, Norway, and the town had to be entirely rebuilt.
17. A Dutch proverb advises that you should [sweep] in front of your own door before you look after your neighbor's.
18. New Zealand's Labor Party [swept] to power with a huge majority in November of 1972.
19. According to biologists, squirrels don't like to head straight for anything. For safety, they may run past, and [sweep] around from the side.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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